Then and Now in Bath’s Chelsea Road

Chelsea Road book cover

The Museum of Bath at Work is pleased to have helped author John Daniels with material for his latest book. ‘Then and Now in Bath’s Chelsea Road’ tells the history of the Chelsea Road area of Bath from 1950-1990. John’s book is far ranging and includes, but not confined to, the people and families who lived there, the local schools, the shops and employers, and the transport links in the area. The book gives good coverage to Horstmann’s and the Horstmann family, many of whom lived locally. Cedric Chivers, described as ‘the greatest Bathonian in living memory’, is also well accounted for. He also recounts his walk to the City of Bath Boy’s School (Now Beechen Cliff School) and of the businesses he passed on the way; these include Stothert and Pitt, Bath Cabinet Makers, Hermann Miller Rotork and Pitman Press.

‘Then and Now in Bath’s Chelsea Road’ is available on-line at £9.99 from Amazon, Waterstones or the publisher Spiderwise.

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