Free Automata Workshop

Free Automata Workshop

Calling all aspiring artists, make your own Automata

Thursday 31stOctober 2019 11am – 3pm

See here for more info: FREE AUTOMATA WORKSHOP

Recycled Cardboard Automata Workshop 

Tutors:  Rolande Thomas and Andy Hume from BAW History Group

Create a moving ghost – automata workshop for Halloween!’ Draw one of the rooms at the museum and the ghost you think might have lived in it and make it make it move really scarily by turning a handle…!!’

Bring a spare shoe box with you if possible….! we will have some available and all other workshop materials will be provided. The activity will be hands on but fun, so wear clothing that enables an activity of this nature!

Cardboard Automata are a playful way to explore simple mechanical items such as cams, levers, and linkages while creating a moving sculpture.