The Horstmann Self-Winding Clock – Update

Horstmann & Son Shop Front

Thanks to the generosity of the Friends and sponsors, the restoration of the unique self-winding Horstmann clock is under way. Thank you to everyone who helped.

Specialist clock restorers Clockworks Workshop of London have had the clock movement delivered, and have started work on returning the mechanism to working order.

Whilst we cannot restore the ‘self-winding’ mechanism, we will be able to show the clock working. The associated interpretation will explain its value and importance and may include a scale model of the heat driven motor’s operation.

Only three self-winding clocks made by Gustav Horstmann exist, and each is unique with its own special features. The museum’s example is the only clock on public exhibition. We hope to have the clock back on display, in a more prominent position, by the summer.  We plan a grand unveiling – details to follow.

Gustav Horstmann was a well-known inventor, and maker of clocks and watches in 19th century Bath. His sons established the Horstmann Gear Company and the Horstman Car Company. Nowadays, Horstmann make controls for domestic heating controls and metering equipment. Horstman Defence make suspension systems for armoured vehicles.

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