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Want to Help? Volunteers Always Needed

Graphic -volunteers needed

We are always pleased to welcome a new volunteer at the Museum of Bath at Work. If you have a few hours to spare, once a week, once a fortnight or a once a month then why not join us. We need your help. We need you skills. We need your time.

Since it opened in 1978, volunteers have staffed the museum almost entirely. Stuart Burroughs is the only member of paid staff. Volunteers do everything Stuart cannot do or that he does not have time to do. There are opportunities to help the museum in every field:

·         Working with the public

·         Helping conserve and investigating our collections

·         Researching and displaying the archives

·         Fundraising

·         Publicising the museum through traditional or social media

·         And much, much more

Phone Stuart on 01225 318348 for a chat

Alternatively, email:

Some of the volunteers at the museum

More about becoming a Volunteer at the Museum of Bath at Work





Equal in Everything? Bath’s Women, War and the Vote

Poster of women contributing to the war effort

An exhibition about the contribution of Bath Women to the 1914-1918 war effort, their fight for equality, and of their gaining the right to vote in early 1918.

As part of war effort, women replaced men in munitions and other manufacturing positions; women also took on jobs in transport.  The exhibition charts the story of how, finally in February 1918, women (or at least 40% of them) in Bath got the vote. This is set against the backdrop of demands for women to be granted the vote through suffragette and suffragist action before the war

The exhibition includes rare film of women working in a munitions factory, albeit in Glasgow rather than Bath.

We have extended this popular exhibition into 2019, and it will now run until 31st March 2019.  Entry is included in museum admission. Please note that the museum will not be open on Sunday 17th March, the day of the Bath half marathon.

Then and Now in Bath’s Chelsea Road

Chelsea Road book cover

The Museum of Bath at Work is pleased to have helped author John Daniels with material for his latest book. ‘Then and Now in Bath’s Chelsea Road’ tells the history of the Chelsea Road area of Bath from 1950-1990. John’s book is far ranging and includes, but not confined to, the people and families who lived there, the local schools, the shops and employers, and the transport links in the area. The book gives good coverage to Horstmann’s and the Horstmann family, many of whom lived locally. Cedric Chivers, described as ‘the greatest Bathonian in living memory’, is also well accounted for. He also recounts his walk to the City of Bath Boy’s School (Now Beechen Cliff School) and of the businesses he passed on the way; these include Stothert and Pitt, Bath Cabinet Makers, Hermann Miller Rotork and Pitman Press.

‘Then and Now in Bath’s Chelsea Road’ is available on-line at £9.99 from Amazon, Waterstones or the publisher Spiderwise.

There is no charge to access to the museum’s historical records and research facilities, although donations are always welcome.