Bath Buddhist meetings at Museum

The Bath Sakya Buddhist Group meets at the Museum of Bath at Work on Tuesday Evenings at 8pm. They offer a chance to learn about Buddhism and to practise meditation. There are no meetings at Christmas, New Year and two weeks in the summer.

Buddha statue -face

Each session lasts about an hour, and comprises meditation and a short talk, followed by a discussion and refreshments. The Group recommend that you attend at least a few sessions to get an understanding of Buddhist teachings. There is no need to book-just turn up. The cost is £4 per session (£2 Concessions).

Liz Godfrey of the Bath Sakya Buddhist Group says,

The meetings are informal, relaxed and friendly and everyone is welcome regardless of experience. Each week we teach and practice meditation and hear about the unique perspective on life that Buddhism has to offer. We start with calm-abiding meditation, which we fully explain and then practise. The evening includes a short talk on a topic about basic Buddhist teachings, followed by a short contemplation on the topic. We end with a time for discussion and refreshments.”

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Alternatively, call
Molly on 07842 855790 or Liz on 07747 633577.

Volunteers run the Bath Sakya Buddhist Group, which started in Bath in 2006.

Sakya Buddhism

Sakya is one of the four main traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. The name means ‘grey earth’ and comes from Sakya in Tibet, the location of their first monastery. The other Tibetan schools are Gelugpa headed by the Dalai Lama, Karma Kagyu headed by the Karmapa and, the oldest of the four, Nyingma. Sakya teachings pass from teacher to disciple, as they have for nearly 1000 years. The head of the Sakya tradition, the Sakya Trizin, currently lives in Northern India.