Equal in Everything? Bath’s Women, War and the Vote

Poster of women contributing to the war effort

An exhibition about the contribution of Bath Women to the 1914-1918 war effort, their fight for equality, and of their gaining the right to vote in early 1918.

As part of war effort, women replaced men in munitions and other manufacturing positions; women also took on jobs in transport.  The exhibition charts the story of how, finally in February 1918, women (or at least 40% of them) in Bath got the vote. This is set against the backdrop of demands for women to be granted the vote through suffragette and suffragist action before the war

The exhibition includes rare film of women working in a munitions factory, albeit in Glasgow rather than Bath.

We have extended this popular exhibition into 2019, and it will now run until 31st March 2019.  Entry is included in museum admission. Please note that the museum will not be open on Sunday 17th March, the day of the Bath half marathon.

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