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A Short Season of Films: Oct. 2020–Half Term

The Elephant Never Forgets (1952) Monday October 24th 2p.m. and 3 p.m. Free admission with admission to the Museum.Hands up who thinks a film about the last days of Trams in London could be both poetic and elegiac? Me for one. This classic short film by John Krish makes you wonder why we ever got...

25th October 202030th October 2020
Funding Award to Restore Historic Bath Crane

Funding Award to Restore Historic Bath Crane

What do the dockside in Thessaloniki, Greece, the Port of Antofagasta Chile and the dockside in Wellington, New Zealand, have in common? Answer: they all have restored Stothert and Pitt cranes, standing proud and tall there. The cranes were made in Bath on the Stothert and Pitt site along the Lower Bristol Road. Stothert and...

13th August 202013th August 2020
In the Dome

In the Dome

The plywood geodesic dome made by members of The Bath Arts Workshop exhibition has now been dismantled after the closure of this highly successful exhibition. Almost 5000 people visited the exhibition during its run. During the time it has been in place we have used the space for every kind of meeting, film show, small...

21st November 201921st November 2019
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